Hrvatska Zaklada za Znanost DyNaMITE Rudjer Boskovic Institute
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Defects dynamics in NanoMaterials:
research based on Ion Track Experiments

Advanced materials and advanced materials processing techniques are basis of the present-day technology. Scientific advances initiated by recent discovery of graphene, promise unpreceded benefits that would justify disruption of current industrial processes, thus giving birth to radically new products. Clearly, to control properties of these new and exciting nanomaterials is of paramount importance for any kind of industrial application.

It is expected that defects introduced into advanced materials by high energy ion irradiation will give them new functionalities suitable for applications like filtration, sensing or catalysis. To gain full control over defect engineering using ion beams, it is important to understand basic mechanisms that are active during ion irradiation process governing defect production and their dynamics.

The aim of the project DyNaMITE is to study in detail defects and their dynamics in advanced materials during high energy ion irradiation, in order to establish suitable conditions for defect engineering. In the research focus is graphene that captures many extraordinary properties in a single material, and also some other selected 2D materials. This research will be complemented with studies of defect engineering by high energy ion beams in other technologically relevant materials.

Project objectives
WP1 Influence of electronic stopping on ion track formation in 2D materials
WP2 Influence of electronic stopping on defect dynamics in bulk materials

Funding agancy
Croatian science foundation

Project duration

Ruđer Bošković Institute in collaboration with Institute of Physics

Institute of Physics